About Us

We at Bulldog aim to take Transport Recruitment to a new level. In our opinion gone are the days of stuffy offices filled with big tie knot wearing consultants, high-5’ing and achieving their personal targets by any means possible, this isn’t us. Formed in 2016 we unanimously decided that we want to brighten-up our side of the industry, with straight talking staff, with drivers who are appreciated and who know exactly where they stand, an approachable and friendly open office policy and above all else a bright and refreshing approach to what we do. From our newly built office to our Formula One team strength bandwidth we are constantly putting measures in place to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

What we offer is a complete solution for all of your Transport based requirements. Whether it be Class 1 (C+E) drivers, HIAB/ADR/MOFFETT trained operatives, Class 2 (C) drivers, 7.5 Tonne (C1) drivers, Van (3.5 Tonne) drivers or Drivers Mates…Whatever you need we have it covered! In addition to this we also excel in the Transport Management arena, often supplying Transport Managers, Transport Planners, Transport Admin/Compliance Officers and so on…

In order to maintain the highest possible standards we rely upon our extensive, established and trusted team of drivers who specialise in the following:

  • Nights Out
  • Skips
  • Roll on/Roll Off
  • Car Transporters
  • Low Loaders
  • European Routes

Here at Bulldog we love the fact that we are set-up in such a way that we have total flexibility in order to bespoke a solution to best suit our clients’ needs. For example, if what suits you and your company is an Onsite Bulldog Solution then that’s exactly what we will implement. Basically, whatever your requirement and whatever suits your company best is what we`ll implement. Nothing is too much trouble for us.

We are Fully Operational 24/7

So there it is, if you are looking for a new Driver Supplier to work alongside your operation let’s have a chat (or even better let`s have lunch- on us of course). It would be great to hear from you.